2011 hope in a box (or pack): any advice?

What products are you looking forward to most for 2011? Having just gotten back to thinking about baseball cards, we apologize for being behind on all this. Perhaps we should begin with Topps Heritage. Much like Woody Allen used to advise that if you want to act like you know something about classical music you should look off into the distance and say, "Ahh, Bach," we believe in the realm of cardboard, you simply need to say "Ahh, Heritage."

We are not huge fans of the 1962 woodies design, but we still love you, Heritage. And as for the baseball bucks, how great is it for Topps to pop a 1962 coin in a 2011card?:

Makes us kind of happy just thinking about it.

The only problem with the pairings is we usually like the past player more than the present. No offense, Mr. Votto, and above, Mr. Sleepy Eye Castro.

1962 was a very good year! Also, we're looking forward to Topps Opening Day, because there are mascot cards and because Lucy likes opening the packs:

What do you think about Gypsy Queen? Should we have high hopes for that one or no?

Although stamps paired with baseball cards seem almost as good as coins paired with cards:
If this isn't lovely, we don't know what is.

Anyhow, advice you can lend about what's coming, what to look for, what you're definitely going to buy, would be greatly appreciated.


Nathan said...

I'm not a huge fan if the '62 Topps design either, but Heritage makes my favorite relic cards by a long shot. I absolutely love the design of their relics.

Also, the Gypsy Queen stamp set is something I'm really looking forward to (although looking at the checklist I wish there were a few more international players that I collect so that I could get more cool stamps from other countries).

Dinged Corners said...

Nathan, we agree about the relics--Heritage creativity is hard to beat. And we hope Gypsy Queen is as good in reality as it is in the pics.

FanOfReds said...

There's been a lot of discussion about Gypsy Queen. I might be one of the few who thinks the product could be pretty cool...I'll definitely be interested in purchasing some of that. As for the other stuff, I'm kind of tired of Topps Heritage - mostly because I feel like I spent way more than what I get in return. I'm already on board with base Topps though - bought a case of jumbo boxes!

dc said...

FoR, how about Heritage relics or autos alone (eBay, etc.), rather than boxes or packs? That may be the way to go?

Charles @ Hoopography said...

I like the look of the Topps Heritage cards. The preview images of Gypsy looks great too. I'll prolly do my normal singles pick 'n choose for both.

dc said...

Charles, good point. We've had luck with picknchooz too...lurking on eBay right after release is good if you can stand it AND have the time.

dayf said...

Stuff I'm looking forward to this year:

1) Allen & Ginter - Might be the only hobby box I buy

2) Topps Insert Sets - Specifically:
Kimball Champions
Cards Yo Momma apparently didn't throw out
Reproduction cards (!!!)
and especially...
The Lost Cards.
Especially the Kimball Champions. I'll probably buy way more packs than I would have otherwise because of those cards.

3) Gypsy Queen - It looks like Topps may have gotten it right with this one. We'll see.

4) Topps Heritage - This is almost an Obligation now seeing how I have binders full of the things going back to 2001.

Other than those. four. things. I am going to try very hard NOT to buy anything else that comes out in 2011. And with those I'm going to try to be smart about it and not just go crazy at Wal-Mart with blasters and retail packs.

If you can believe it, I've only spent $15 on cards in 2011. And zero on packs. That's going to go all the heck in a couple of weeks but I'm really trying to be smart about it all this year.

(in other words... VINTAGE VINTAGE VINTAGE)

dc said...

dayf, the smart part of me, which is apparently very small, always says "vintage," but the happy happy instant grat part of me always wants pretty new cards, especially if they have bits or autos. why why why.

MattR said...

The vast majority of my spending for baseball cards is on vintage. I will get a few packs of the regular set and a pack or two of Heritage. It would really be cool to get one of those coin cards -- the Franklin half dollars are one of my favorite coins.

Paul said...

I'm not looking forward to any 2011 products enough to order boxes.

But I am hoping for some cool cards in Gypsy Queen and Heritage, and I'm looking to plain old 2011 Topps cards showing up soon.

(And if Mr. Met gets a card in Opening Day again, I will definitely have to get it.)

dc said...

MattR, you're wise to aim for vintage. The Heritage coin cards are a must, though. We wonder if everyone will agree and drive up eBay prices.

dc said...

Paul, it sounds as though Gypsy Queen has everyone's hopes up. We'll see, right? I didn't realize you collected Mr. Met. My daughter Lucy does too.

Clay said...

For the most part the Gypsy Queen group should be a positive for collectors, although am wondering why TOPPS would attach used stamps when mint stamps would have given the card a cleaner look and a higher trade value for those who are crossover collectors and would not have cost them that much more to purchase ... TOPPS has a habit of doing some of these better things right without thinking of ' The Big Picture ' in some of this ... Finally, TOPPS really needs to stop running these more than awful ' signatures ' on cards that look better upside down than right side up with almost everyone showing no examples of good penmanship any longer.


dc said...

Clay, that's an astute point about mint vs. franked stamps.

AlbuqwirkE said...

Glad to see that you are back! The "Ahhh Bach" I'm familiar with was when Alan Alda's character Hawkeye was offering Radar advice on impressing women during a first season episode of M*A*S*H in 1973.

With that in mind, I intend to hammer away at my 1972 Topps set this year- with an emphasis on trading rather than simply buying the cards I need. If I collect anything current, I will likely wait to make my box purchases after the prices drop.

Colbey said...

Being on a tighter budget this year I'm looking forward to Opening Day. I get my pack fix without having to break the bank. Plus the inserts look like they'll be really nice.

Base Topps ought to be lots of fun this year. Before the wrapper redemption program was announced prices were in the mid $50s. Now hobby boxes are close to $80! Stupid crazy if you ask me.

I've never been big into Heritage, but I like the design. I always hear people moaning and groaning about how hard it is to build the set usually so I'll probably just stick to singles.

Gypsy Queen looks like it could be the diamond in the rough this year. I'll have to hold final judgment until I can hold the cards in hand.

Todd Uncommon said...

I can't help being a sucker for stamps and coins integrated with cards. I grew up collecting all three, since most of them were free to get (used stamps), cheap to get (30¢ packs), or was coinage already.

I agree with Clay, though, that I wish there was a bit more of a big picture view for those kinds of inserts. Especially with stamps, even if the subjects are interesting, it's evident that Topps acquired piles of stamps on the cheap to use in the product. It feels like the bust of one hobby is being used in the post-bust of another. I'd like to see a few higher-end chase stamps desirable to stamp collectors (inverted jenny? zeppelin? cool cancellations?) used in the set. That may generate actual crossover interest and / or controversy.

As for coins, I am a bit more encouraged. Using a Franklin half dollar is pretty cool. That's getting closer to coins with actual (and intrinsic!) value to boost the interest and value of the card. 2003 Topps Gallery had a subset called "Currency Connection" that included some interesting (but valueless) foreign coins, mostly dirt cheap US coins, and a few with some slightly greater value, like Barber and silver Roosevelt dimes.

The big question in my mind is how they are going to prevent feelers from finding packs containing heavy coins in them. Is is a box topper card?

I do find it funny, and refreshing, really, that we're getting a card with a silver half dollar integrated into it. When was the last time anybody got current half dollar coins in change?