1. We confess what we like and want you to do the same. 2. We are freezing.

Thanks to the weather...-14 degrees yesterday, f'rinstance...that's MINUS 14...we've had some down time. Down? Why you ask? Little things like subzero temps, an official "State of Emergency" because WHOOPS we're running out of natural gas in New Mexico, even though NM produces natural gas, all schools and public buildings in the state are closed down, you know, that sort of thing. And yet Collective Troll has the nerve to comment that he had to turn on the AC! :)

So in our lockdown mode we've happily been looking at your blogs, checking eBay and Blowout, and assessing what needs to happen up in our cardboard. Yesterday we ordered a nice bunch of autographed Old Judge cards so at least we'll have something to trade when that need arises.

The card atop this post is from a Peanuts set Lucy has from the '90s.[ Isn't it strange that "1991" = twenty years ago??] Woodstock helps depicts our slightly overwhelmed card feeling that is causing our hat to fly off.

One question: did anyone like the black background cards from Topps? We found a complete set of those that we got on eBay last year. Will Topps do this again?

 The black effect worked particularly well with midair moments and strange scenarios.
What the...?

Why oh why do we succumb to gimmicks? Aw heck, we make the following confession: we like these; we like multi-colored game-used jersey cards; and we like autographs. Why not just admit it? The only thing that saves us from being completely shallow is that we also like vintage--the more dinged the better.

To make us feel better, and perhaps make us feel warmer, would you please confess that you kind of like regular cards, but bells and whistles make you happier? If what you do is try to complete sets and all that kind of intellectual pursuit, then keep your fancypants inclinations to yourself. This means you, Dr. dayf and your kind, although we will accept secret side enthusiasms if you care to share them.


Grand Cards said...

I really liked the all-black cards, and Topps did them again in 2010 and are doing them in 2011 too.

What I really liked was when I could buy (TOP SECRET) all-black blasters in 2009. Then they changed it and just incorporated the cards into regular blasters, making it really expensive to get a whole set.

In my mind, that's when they went from "legitimate alternative card collecting opportunity" to an unnecessary gimmick that forces us to buy more than we would want to otherwise.

That said, I like inserts and fancy things and non-regular cards as long as they look nice, are interesting and offer something that makes them feel like more than a blatant money grab. You're not alone.

The Diamond King said...

I love Diamond Kings and other well done 'painted' cards, multi-colored patches and (grimace) Topps Triple Threads and the like, because I don't have any but love the color and splash. And I hate some gimmicks like 'Jeter/Mantle/Bush' and 2011 Topps sparkle (not Diamond, those look cool) and manufactured patches/leather.

Hackenbush said...

I don't know about your real question but I like the Woodstock card. In fact we have an uncut sheet of the set it comes from hanging in our diningroom. Supposedly it was a preview set of 33 cards but a full set was never produced.

Collective Troll said...

I like Woodstock, baseball and high electric bills... That is crazy that NM is in a natural gas crisis... Makes me wonder when floriduh will run out of salt water... Stay warm ladies!

night owl said...

I do like the black cards. They are rather night-like. But I don't like that I have to buy a whole blaster to get them.

Guilty card pleasures:

1. Anything shiny.
2. Anything over-the-top colorful.
3. White and gray swatches -- that's what the players usually wear during the game (altho less often now). I don't want batting practice stuff.
4. Oddball sets, especially from '80s.
5. 1989 Donruss. Wrote a post about that.

GCA said...

Loved the black ones in 2009 series 1. But boycotted the second series when they bait-and-switched the packaging scenario. I already had the regular base set, so I refused to buy enough for three more just to get half the black ones. Trouble now is, I don't see series two sets on evilbay much.

Been a set builder since 1978. We're a dying breed, but there's still a bunch of us around. Mojo hunters who disrespect base cards are a disgrace to the hobby.

Love a good base design, or nice graphic inserts. Not really big on chrome, though, especially in retro sets. Seems like a contradiction.

PS Glad you're back!

dayf said...

Guilty pleasure? I'm gonna drop a bomb on y'all tonight. No one is going to see this one coming.

Another confession: I know this opinion is not fashionable but I rather like Bowman Platinum. The front could use just a splash more color, but it's a small set, a nice looking set, it's got all the big stars and rookies, there's no short prints or nonsense, and the PurpleFractors in the rack packs are gorgeous. It seems like a nice set for a beginning collector.

I passed up that set of Peanuts cards at an antique store a dozen years ago and I've been looking for the dang thing ever since. The moral of the story: never pass something up. Ever.

randombaseballstuff.com said...

Fortunately I don't see them very often, but I have to grab the First Day Production parallels from the early 1990s Stadium Club sets when I do... there's something about that little rainbow-foil rectangle.

lonestarr said...

• I like the inserts and over-the-top insert-like base sets (EX, UD3, SPx, etc.) from about 1995-2000 or '01. That era was the height of card-tech innovation, and the necessity to stand out in a crowded marketplace that brought on such innovation also required each new innovation get ample opportunity to be showcased.

Oh, and a much too belated welcome back! :D