Baseball card simple gifts.

So I'm looking around to see if there's a neat new David Wright card I can pick up for the kid, something in the spirit she'd truly like, and come to find there are plenty of brand new cards I'd never laid eyes on.

 Some wth a strange egg yolky background:
Some alarming:
On the one hand, it's elaborate, red, and interesting. On the other, it brings to mind drapes that are too dark and heavy in a mahogany paneled room.

Then I found it:
 You know, sometimes it's still good just to go with plain old cardboard.


Scott Crawford said...

I'm not much of a Wright fan, but that's a terrific card any way you slice it. Great choice.

JD's Daddy said...

well said!

McCann Can Triple said...

The wright stuff one gets me a headache when I look at it. Nice cards though.

Kevin M. Brady said...

nice post - i am a Wright fan (though not yet a real collector)