It's more fun card shopping when pack searchers go away: 2011 Topps Heritage.

Today we had reason to be in an entirely different town in our state, and because we had to get a new iron we stopped at Target while in this entirely different town. Oh by the way, the reason we had to get a new iron is that the one we owned previously turned into a fireball in my hand yesterday, causing a second degree burn and what the Urgent Care doctor called "a shrapnel wound." So really, the whole concept of pack searching is something we truly see in perspective, as we feel fortunate that a) our children were nowhere nearby when this happened and b) my injuries weren't far worse.

But I digress.

Since the one card shop we used to frequent closed a while back, and ever since I realized that the fellow who works at a store near our Target stops by there EVERY DAY to pack search and remove absolutely anything of extra thickness or weight, we've stopped spontaneously picking up baseball cards while on errands. Perhaps you've noticed this, as our grumpiness has contributed to our relative quietness. It's not that we only want autographs or game-used cards--that is not the case--it's that we want a fair playing field.

So because we were not on our own turf Target, I did in fact stick my uninjured hand into a box of 2011 Topps Heritage and remove a pack. I did not, even for a moment, feel up the other packs in the box.

When we got home, we opened the pack and there were three really fun cards inside: one was a Kyle Drabek. I dunno, we just wanted one, ok? Isn't it kind of great?:
Another was a handsome looking Michael Young card:
He just looks so darned classic: square jaw, muscles rippling, uniform logo, distant field. He brings to mind the distant era when baseball player men were, well, men rather than spoiled brats. It's impossible not to like this darned card. Also, the back is great
as it has a vintage style cartoon of a player signing autographs for kids. Also in the pack: a bat bit:

Sure, it's a bat bit of Scott Rolen, a player we don't care much about, but here's the thing. It has the classic Clubhouse Collection yellow bottom third in the red oval, and Mr. Rolen is smiling. AND on the back: more kids and a polite looking player!
Again, it's a cartoon and thus a fantasy, but we can dream, can't we? The overall Baseball Cardness of the Rolen bat bit card is very fine indeed. A wood shaving in a cardboard card works, doesn't it? All of a piece.

So that is what it must feel like to wander into a store, buy one pack, and be happy with the results. Hasn't happened in months and months. And months. The thickness of the cardstock is pleasing, too. We're going to go read your reviews of 2011 Heritage but our view is: five out of a possible five dings!


Mark A. said...

I'd give it six.

Ding. Ding. Ding. Ding. Ding. Ding.

thosebackpages said...

your local Target doesn't carry Blasters?

night owl said...

First, the iron thing: Yikes! Glad everyone (and everything, outside of the iron) is OK.

Secondly, I'm always happy in the card aisle. I can't help it. Even if I see pack searchers. When I see them, I leave, and return when they're gone, keeping the happiness intact.


Nice pack ! Sometimes the spoils fall into the hands of the good.

Colbey said...

I was just told by a friend/employee of my local Target that there is a guy actually bringing in a small scale and weighing packs of 2011 Heritage. I guess it's good that I can't afford new packs now otherwise I'd be wasting my money.

skoormit said...

Yay, bat bit from a retail pack!

I gave up on packs a long time ago. For one, I don't like accumulating lots of cards I don't want, and for two, I've seen searchers in three different wally worlds around town, so I assume any loose pack on the shelf is a searcher's reject.

But! I found a LCS kinda sorta convenient to my daily commute, and the owner stocks a monster box with cheap singles from the current releases. So I get the cards I want for less than I would pay for them in a pack anyway.

I just hope he can stay in business.

FenwayFrank said...

It's always great to get auto/mem cards from retail packs no matter who it is! I've already ripped into 10-12 packs of Heritage, both retail and hobby, and the best thing I've pulled is a Chris Johnson chrome refractor. My favorite base set cards are the 3-panel ones that show a player's swing in three different motions, plus the classic floating heads on the league leader cards.

capewood said...

Man, I've bought two blasters and one hobby box of Topps Heritage and have not seen relic one. And you pull one of my favorite players from the only pack you buy!

lifetimetopps said...

Great 1-pack pull - I love the new Heritage. Any interest in trading the Rolen?

Spiff said...

Problem is that Michael Young is a notorious non-signer. Must have had another player pose for him. Nice looking card though.

Dinged Corners said...

Wow, really good points here.

Yes, of course we'd be willing to trade. And yes, our Target carries blasters, but we're rarely in the mood to drop $20 on one...they just aren't user-friendly.