Joe Buck's eyebrows and other World Series questions.

Do Joe Buck's eyebrows look alarming to anyone? Not as alarming as Ron Paul's eyebrow actually falling off during one of the bizarro world Republican debates, but close?

Mr. Buck did a nice job of announcing this go-round, but there was something about those eyebrows that made us glad we didn't get many visuals. He has a sonorous baseball voice, though, and when he said, "We'll...see...you...tomorrow...night" after Mr. Freese's home run in Game 6, well, it almost made us sniffle.

Other questions that came up:

Texas blew the lead five times in Game 6 (!) and twice was within one strike of winning the World Series. How bad must the Rangers feel? It's not fun to lose, but to lose with ignominy, that's tough. We did not feel sorry for Nolan Ryan, though, because he looked like a thug in that dark overcoat.

Was there a Bill Buckner moment for the Rangers? 

Did everyone in the East stay up for the whole of Game 6?

The last team to win a Game 7 of the World Series was the 2002 Angels. Does anybody remember that? If not, what does this mean in the great scheme of our attention spans?


dayf said...

I tried to ignore Joe and Tim as much as possible and thus, did not pay attention to eyebrows.

People are trying to pin a Buckner moment on Nelson Cruz which is not fair at all.

I was sick as a dog for game 6 and had to go to sleep after the 10th.

I remember Dusty Baker shoulda left Russ Ortiz in the game, I know that much.

jacobmrley said...

Cruz should have had that ball. Granted, they got the lead after that, but that ball was catchable.