2011 Lineage: our first look.

When we asked you what cards we should look at now that we've reemerged, Topps Lineage was one design you described that caught our attention. Although we sought a blaster, all we could find in our puny little non-baseball card town was a rack pack. We grabbed one, opened it, and found some Toppsy looking cards at first--
but in the middle, a couple of interesting variants:
Tony Perez and a tiny little baby Johnny Bench...great vintage uniforms, logos, and the little gold all-star rookie symbol. Love how the older photography shows no concerns about the background--in fact, Mr. Perez has several random legs emerging from his elbow and little dot people in the distance. A+ for detail: Mr. Bench has a fantastically dirty knee and one of the big old catcher's mitts. His brow is furrowed, which it shouldn't be if he is looking into his own future.

Then there's the shiny:
Double rainbow all the way! This card made us remember that for a brief moment we actually felt sorry for the Rangers as their world imploded around them during this World Series. We doubt that Mr. Beltre takes much comfort from thinking, "well, at least there's that shiny card of me in Topps Lineage."

And, look:
A Mets card! A fake relic card! Well, it's a relic of something, but apparently not anything to do with baseball: "The relic in this card is not from any specific game, event, or season." Does that mean it's also not from any specific team or person? Anyway, poor Jason. Perhaps after they shrink Citi Field a little, he and David Wright will have a better year next go 'round. By the way, the relicky card is smaller than the others. What is the meaning of this?

Anyway, it was fun rackin' up a rack pack to make up for the recent lack of stacks and backs.


Ryan G said...

That's a pretty good rack pack there! One of the main parallels to the Lineage set (in addition to the sparkly diamond card nad a foil/refractor card) is a 1975-style mini parallel, of which relics were made for most of the players.

As you say, that card may not even have a piece of Jason Bay's jersey. I would think Topps would be able to at least make a guarantee that it was worn by the player on the front of the card.


What luck you have ! A '75 mini relic, and a Met to boot ! The relic description is a little lame and vague though.

night owl said...

I've purchased several rack packs of Lineage (I can't find any blasters) and haven't pulled a relic in any of them.

I'm actually collecting the '75 Lineage minis (non-relic version). I really like 'em.

Two Packs A Day said...

check the card backs - you might have even pulled one of the Venezuelan parallels - you can have some fun brushing up on your spanish if you did as the backs are in spanish (while the fronts look like any other Topps Lineage base card).

Play at the Plate said...

Lineage is fun. Sort of like a package of Pop Rocks.

topher (Crackin Wax/Varsity Trading Cards) said...

While Joe Mauer isn't the worst guy to look at every time I click over to your blog, it does make me wonder... have you gone into a cardboard coma?