A post by Lucy: Three favorite smile cards.

Hi, this is Lucy. I have been thinking alot about smiling player cards. Actually, I have a whole binder of smile cards that always cheers me up. Here is a smile card that I enjoy of Tsung-Hsuan Tseng.

There are only 55 of these cards out there!
I like this card because Tseng is smiling (go smiles!) and included a signature and also a square of the uniform. I like how the uniform piece matches the pattern of the the background. I also like how the signature is in Chinese, because I have always admired the art of calligraphy.

Here is an Allen and Ginter card of Kerri Strug. We sent her this card and she signed it. I don't think she noticed my name on the letter but that is all right. I really like cards with signatures that we have sent to the players. I  like her pose and smile in this card.

We have sure enjoyed watching gymnastics at this year's Olympics. Every gymnastics event is exciting: The vault, the balance beam, the floor routine, and the uneven bars. Out of all of them I enjoy the floor routine and the vault. I like how even though the gymnasts are all doing similar moves, each makes her performance different and unique. The floor routine allows each person to perform different combinations and personal skills. Congratulations, Gabby Douglas!

Here is a card that I like of Scott Rolen. He is smiling too (Yay, always helps), and included with this card is a chip of wood from a baseball bat!

I like cards that include items such as uniforms, bats, and dirt from the field. I think the background of this card is gorgeous, with the field and the blue sky behind Rolen.

Well, that's all for now! Thanks for reading my first baseball card post!


Richard Nebe Jr. said...

Love the Chinese calligraphy. Though to them it's probably just handwriting!! My newest niece was adopted from China, and she smiles all the time! I like Rolen, though better when he was a Phillie, he wore my second favorite jersey, #17.
Have a GReat weekend!

Lucy said...

I enjoy writing Chinese calligraphy and learning different characters. My Chinese name means "Little Jade." Thank you for reading my post!

gcrl said...

nice post! my favorite card with a smile is probably the 1978 topps (or o-pee-chee) ron cey card.

deal said...

Welcome Back DC and good first time post, Lucy. Wanted to let you know that DC was one of the first blogs that made me really look for smiling cards. Now when I take pix at games for Phungo cards I try and get shots of players smiling.

Lucy said...

Mr. gcrl: we looked at the Ron Cey, it's a GREAT smile card!
Mr. deal: Thank you! I will look at your blog!

--David said...

Lucy! Welcome to the world of online writing. :-) What a great first post! I am looking forward to seeing more of your thoughts on cards. Very glad you are feeling better. :-)

Lucy said...

Mr. David: Thank you very much! I hope to write more posts in the future. Thank you. :-)

James R. said...

There are some nice cards of the 2012 gymnasts, but soon there will be plenty more, I bet. Good post, hope to see more soon.