Pretty up those TTM envelopes with baseball stamps!

The United States Postal Service is selling stamps bearing the likeness of four late Hall of Famers — Ted Williams, Larry Doby, Joe DiMaggio and Willie Stargell. The USPS set a record by receiving more than 2 million preorders for these!

You can get your own by visiting your local post office or by putting in an order at www.usps.com/play-ball. The release of the stamps was marked with not only a ceremony in Cooperstown but also at post offices in Boston, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and the Bronx.

The stamps come in blocks of four, sheets of 10 and sheets of 20 for 5 DIFFERENT versions.
1) Mixed stars - Larry Doby, Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams and Willie Stargell
2) Larry Doby only
3) Joe DiMaggio only
4) Ted Williams only
5) Willie Stargell only
Most post offices only stock the mixed stars, so if you want the individual players you may have to go to the USPS website to order. As a "Forever stamp" you can buy them now at a fixed price of $.45 and use them for, well, evah. Nice!

PS Of course now that we are posting again our scanner isn't working! So we are in repairs but we are here. More to come soon.


FenwayFrank said...

I spoke to one of the postmasters up here in Boston the other day, apparently there were only a few select offices that got the full Ted Williams sheet. I was lucky enough to have a few set aside for me. I had stopped doing TTM for a few months, but these motivated me to start writing again.

--David said...

Oh, man! Thanks for this. I need to find a sheet of Dobys!!